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If you are being investigated or have been arrested for a criminal offense, it is common to feel anxious and alone. The consequences of such an investigation can be life altering. Let us help you navigate the legal process with aggressive and effective techniques of criminal defense that allow us to protect the rights of our clients.

There are also those facing criminal charges arising from misunderstandings or even allegations that are outright false. Be skeptical of any lawyer who implies that they can simply make something “go away” if you hire them. By the time you are facing criminal charges the Prosecuting Attorney necessarily believes that they have all of the evidence necessary to convict you. A Prosecuting Attorney ought not and will not dismiss a charge or reduce a serious charge just because an attorney asks them to. Work needs to be done to convince the Prosecuting Attorney, the Judge, and/or the Jury that things are not as simple as they seemed when the charges were issued.

The Attorneys at Robinson Brinkmann and Fulford hold over 40 years of criminal law experience. Our defense attorneys will use effective strategies and techniques that have helped us achieve success for our clients. Our criminal defense lawyers focus on thorough investigation and in-depth research. Our defense attorneys have previous experience working as police officers and state prosecutors, giving our clients a needed advantage during plea negotiations and at trial.

Our criminal defense lawyers will educate you about the laws concerning your criminal charges and help you understand your rights and legal options. Whether you have been accused of a misdemeanor or felony, your personal freedom can be adversely impacted. Many people do not realize that even a seemingly minor misdemeanor offense can have harsh penalties and life altering consequences. Do not chance your future. Make the smart choice by calling our firm today.

Oftentimes, people find themselves facing criminal charges as a result of one bad decision. Sometimes that decision is simply hanging out with the wrong crowd. The consequences of such a decision can be life altering. You need a proper criminal defense to prevent that decision from becoming a defining moment in your life.

Sometimes people who have committed crimes are threatened with punishment disproportionate to their criminal history. You need a firm that will do the work necessary to not only explore possible defenses, but also to present mitigating facts to the Prosecution and the Judge so that everyone involved knows that you are something more than that with which you have been charged.

Criminal Defense: Felonies and Misdemeanors

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