Personal Injury Litigation

Personal Injury IncidentPersonal Injury Claims

A personal injury can change your life in an instant. Another person’s negligence can be a life altering or even catastrophic event for you. Your injuries may leave you unable to enjoy the pursuits of life with which you had become accustomed. Your medical bills will mount, wreaking havoc on your family’s budget. Because you were unable to work, you have lost wages, and perhaps even the ability to earn wages in the future. Your ability to support yourself and your family has been damaged.

People suffer injuries in a variety of situations, such as:

      • Motor vehicle collisions,
      • Motorcycle collisions,
      • Bike collisions,
      • Semi-tractor trailer collisions,
      • Injuries that occur on the property of others,
      • Healthcare provider negligence,
      • Medical malpractice,
      • Dog bites and attacks,
      • Assaults,
      • Nursing home abuse and neglect,
      • Workers compensation injuries,
      • Premises Liability,
      • Slip/Trip & Fall,
      • Products Liability


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