Theft/Stealing Crimes

Prosecutions for Theft/Stealing Crimes can result in a wide spectrum of long-lasting consequences. These include prison or jail, fines, loss of jobs/careers and other opportunities, and, of course, damage to one’s reputation. Missouri Theft/Stealing laws pertain to the stealing of property, services, and identity. Missouri Theft/Stealing laws also criminalize knowingly receiving or possessing stolen property.
Stealing can be misdemeanor or felony level offenses depending on things such as: exactly what was stolen, the value of what was stolen, and whether the accused has prior stealing convictions.
In addition to stealing and receiving stolen property, other theft crimes include robbery and burglary. These charges are felonies and are taken seriously by the court system, especially in instances of burglary when the alleged victim is in their home and in instances of robbery when a weapon is used.
Tampering with a motor vehicle (driving a stolen vehicle or damaging/defacing someone else’s vehicle) is usually a felony. The most common manner that would result in a misdemeanor charge involves being a passenger in a stolen vehicle.
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