Drug Defense Attorneys

No matter what type of drug crime you have been accused of, you should seek the help of our experienced criminal defense attorneys to help protect your rights. You will need a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience with protecting the rights of those that have been charged with drug offenses. Drug crimes are taken seriously in Missouri, and law enforcement allocates much of its budget and manpower resources to securing guilty verdicts for those arrested.
A drug crime conviction will likely remain on your record for the rest of your life. In addition to the jail time and fines you could be facing, the charges can have drastic adverse consequences that go beyond the criminal charges themselves.
Our Drug Defense Lawyers handle all types of drug cases, including:

    • Drug Possession
    • Marijuana Possession
    • Possession with Intent to Distribute
    • Trafficking
    • Drug Paraphernalia Possession
    • Drug Manufacturing and Production
    • Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs

Our attorneys will investigate your drug charges to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected. Drug charges are sometimes the result of an illegal search and seizure of your property. If the state cannot prove that the police conducted a legal search or seizure of your property, your case could be dismissed if the proper motions are pursued at court.
Also, Drug charges can be the result of a “wrong place, wrong time” scenario. The state must prove that you knowingly possessed the illegal drugs you are accused of having. Before you enter a plea to a drug charge, it is vital to consult with a criminal defense lawyer who is experienced with handling drug crime charges. Please contact us to discuss your case today.