Domestic Law Violations

Domestic Law

Domestic assault is one of the most common criminal charges people face. A conviction for domestic assault, even a misdemeanor, will prevent a person from legally owning a firearm for the rest of their life.
When facing domestic assault charges, our experienced criminal defense attorneys can help you understand everything including the consequences, your rights, and how we can fight for you. We examine each case, paying special attention to all the details, so that your rights are protected.
Over the past 20 years, domestic assault laws have become more and more expansive regarding what is considered criminal activity. In fact, the latest changes to the criminal code have taken conduct previously considered a misdemeanor and made that conduct a felony. Even the most minor disagreements between family members, or those involved in a romantic relationship, can have criminal consequences under current law.
Unlike most other crimes, the State will normally pursue charges for domestic assault even when the alleged victim does not desire prosecution. It is important that if you find yourself charged with domestic assault that you help ensure the protection of your rights by hiring an experienced domestic assault defense attorney to handle your case.
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